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Daryl Flood Steps Up For Virtual Walk Across America.

Crown Worldwide Moving and Storage, a leading global provider of transportation and relocation services headquartered in Northern California, launched their LIFE “Race Across America” team pedometer activity in February.  The activity involves teams reporting their weekly step counts for various stages as they virtually cross the United States from San Francisco to Key West.

LIFE stands for: Lifestyle Improvements For Employees and is a program aimed at improving the health of the dedicated men and women who work at Crown Worldwide Moving & Storage, leading the way for many moving companies in Houston.

The kind people at Daryl Flood Movers (Texas) liked the idea of Crown’s employee wellness program so much they sponsored the 656 miles (1,312,00 steps) stage, from New Mexico to the “Lone Star” state.  Crown’s Team 6 beat out six other teams to take the prize.

Daryl Flood provided a variety of Texas themed prizes.