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Full service, cross country moves from Fort Worth. When moving hundreds of miles across the United States, you’ll want the best cross country movers—ones with the right expertise to smoothly get you to your new home. This kind of relocation can come with many moving parts and, because no two moves are ever the same, you’ll want an experience that’s customized to your timeline, budget, and needs. Ever since we opened our doors in 1982, we’ve been the reliable Fort Worth movers, providing all the services you need. Daryl Flood is a valued Atlas Van Lines agent with a proven track record of dependably getting people where they need to go. With Daryl Flood, you can count on:

  • Carefully background checked and fully trained professional moving crews
  • Straightforward moving estimates: transparent with no hidden costs
  • Professional packing and storage services
  • Moving services tailored to your requirements
  • A single point of contact move coordinator

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Atlas Van Lines agent

Atlas has been successfully transporting belongings across the country since 1948, and we seamlessly partner with them. We work well together because we also have a long history of being one of the best cross country moving companies with well trained, vetted employees who truly care, having a fleet of 85 tractor trailers. We provide top-tier professionalism and you can count on our Atlas agent partners to do the same.

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Cross country movers with quality partners

Our 40-plus years of moving experience—with more than 6,000 residential moves annually—makes us one of the best cross country moving companies in Fort Worth, the state of Texas, and the United States. Daryl Flood focuses on providing a high-quality move and outstanding customer service as we leverage our professional network of second to none Atlas partners. So, no matter your end destination, we’ll safely get you there: efficiently and affordably.

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High grade cross country moving services

Our Fort Worth cross country moving company provides the full range of long distance solutions: from full service to partial moving services. We’ll flexibly work alongside you as we scale your moving services up or down to dovetail with your precise needs. This allows you to work with one moving company—Daryl Flood—as your move is designed specifically for you.

Our Fort Worth cross country moving services include the following:

  • Expert packing services to fit your needs: full or partial choices
  • Secure storage services in our 500,000 square feet in Texas warehousing along with three million+ of square footage in storage facilities located around the country
  • Access to trusted third-party partners for custom crating, appliances, and much more
  • Senior moving services with a caring touch by trained professionals
  • Smooth apartment and condo moving services by experienced pros

Fort Worth cross country moving FAQs

The short answer is that the length of time depends upon a few factors with the distance of the move being a key element.

A cross country move is typically one that is at least four to five hundred miles in distance. One with this mileage, though, is much shorter than, say, a move from Portland, Maine to Los Angeles, California—which is more than 3,200 miles, more than six times the minimum requirement for a cross country move.

Other factors in the timeframe can include the size of your move, the weather while your household goods are being transported, and road construction (which we always do our best to work around). In general, a cross country move can take a few days to a couple of weeks. To get more information about your specific relocation, contact us online for a moving quote and to get answers to your questions about our Fort Worth cross country movers and your unique relocation.

First, give yourself enough time to pack your belongings. Depending upon the size of your house and number of possessions you have, it could take a few days or even a few weeks to go through everything to decide what to toss, what to sell or donate, and what to take with you. Giving yourself enough time for this process, though, will reduce the weight of your belongings and streamline your move. So, toss what no longer has value for you or anyone else. Then, hold a rummage sale, give friends and families what they want but you don’t, or donate to worthy charities.

It can make sense to then pack items you want to keep but don’t need now and won’t need before your move is complete. This can include off-season clothing; holiday decorations; extra dishes, pans, and silverware; books; and so forth. Start this process as early as possible so you won’t feel rushed and do a bit daily.

As the moving day gets closer, pack more of your clothing, kitchenware, extra sheets, extra towels, and other items you won’t need before arriving at your new home.

Here’s another way to look at the question. What should you pack last? This would be clothing, kitchen items, paperwork, medications, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and so forth that you use daily. Think of what each person in your family will need each day as well as any pets.

You’ll want to pack a box or suitcase of items that you will keep physically with you on moving day. This can include your personal devices and chargers; important documents; especially valuable items; medications; and personal hygiene items. You can also pack a box with paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper, plastic cutlery, cleaning supplies, and other items you’ll want immediately after arriving in your new home.

Here is helpful information about what items not to pack. To take this daunting task off your to-do list, Daryl Flood’s Fort Worth cross country movers provide expert full and partial packing and unpacking services.

Typically, it’s cheaper to move in the off-season; because cross country movers are more in demand in May through September, you can save money with moves scheduled in October through April. There can also be a spike around Christmas, so avoid the two-week period before the holiday. Plus, when you’re looking for the most cost-effective move, schedule yours on a weekday: Monday through Thursday.

Here are additional money-saving tips when cross country moving. Get an accurate estimate from a trustworthy relocation company. This means you won’t be surprised by hidden costs that you haven’t put in your budget.

Before you get your quote, declutter. It’s natural to have possessions accumulate over the years — something you’ll definitely notice when you think about packing! — and, when you get rid of what you can’t use anymore, the reduced weight of your belongings can lower your moving quote. Toss what no one wants, hold a yard sale, and donate items to charity.

You can give your unopened, non-perishable canned and boxed food to Move For Hunger if your mover partners with them (and Daryl Flood does!). We’ll pack your food and deliver it to a local food pantry—at no cost to you.

As another tip, if you’ll be doing your own packing, visit local stores to see if they’ll give you used boxes that would otherwise go into the trash or be recycled. Even if they charge you for them, it will be less than the cost of buying new ones.

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Relocating can be overwhelming. You’re juggling a variety of tasks and may feel like they’re quickly piling up. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to start. We’re here to help.

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