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10 Things Every Mom Should Know before Moving

Busy moms have their hands full on a normal basis. Throw the prospect of moving into the mix and things can become pure chaos. Don’t let moving become a nightmare – these 10 things can help prepare you and your family for the big day.

1. Sell Your Stuff

Don’t pack and haul unnecessary stuff to the new place. Have a garage sale and get rid of anything you don’t really need to take. Put the money toward packing supplies or hiring a moving company.

2. Organize Ahead of Time

Planning is your best friend during the moving process. Get organized as soon as possible. Have a plan for packing, have necessary supplies on hand and know what moving company you’ll be using. Know what you need to do, and when it needs to be done.

3. Get a Change of Address Kit

You can download a change of address kit from the US Post Office website or you can get one in person. Use this to set up address forwarding, but also to alert others to your change of address.

4. Pack a First Night Box

Chances are good that your first night in the new place is going to be frazzled and hectic. Make sure you have a “first night” box packed. This should include everything you’ll need to get comfortable the first night and to wake up refreshed the next morning. Pack things like toothbrushes, toilet paper, paper plates, napkins and more.

5. Don’t Travel the Same Day

You want to get into the new house as quickly as possible, but make your travel arrangements for the day after loading. This ensures that things like rain delays or late arrivals don’t make you miss your flight.

6. Give Them Contact Info

Make sure that your move coordinator and the van driver have your contact information, including your cell phone number. This can go a long way toward providing peace of mind during a move and help eliminate unpleasant surprises.

7. Make a Placement Diagram

Nothing makes moving into your new place easier than having a game plan. Make a placement diagram that helps you get all your stuff where it should go.

8. TV and Entertainment

Bored kids and unpacking don’t mix well. If your kids are too young to be much help, make sure you have a TV and DVD/Blu-ray player set up to keep them entertained.

9. Involve the Kids

While younger kids are fine with entertainment, older kids should pitch in. It’s not just about doing their share, but can help take their mind off the emotional elements of the move.

10. Insurance

Make sure your insurance providers know that you’re moving (that includes car, life, health and everything else). With these tips, even the most harried of moms will find moving a simpler process.