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Writing a Personal Real Estate Referral Thank You Card

Referrals move the real estate business forward and are often the difference between a good year and a great year. While personal branding building has a crucial role in driving business, there is still no topping a genuine face-to-face connection.

Referrals are the ultimate compliment to your expertise and the exceptional service you provide to your clients. When someone refers you to a friend or family member, they are letting you know that you did such a superior job that they trust you with their loved one.

It is essential to express your thanks sincerely, not only because you are grateful, but because if they’ve referred you once, it’s likely they will refer you again. Treating a referral with the reverence it deserves means turning one client into several.

One powerful way to express your gratitude is by writing a thoughtful and heartfelt thank you card, maybe even with a small gift to really make a lasting impression.

Step #1. Lead with Gratitude

Obviously your gratitude should be the core of your thank you card, expressing your genuine appreciation for the referral. Be specific about how much their trust and support mean to you and your business.

Example: “I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for referring [Client’s Name] to me. Your trust in my services is truly appreciated.”

Step #2. Highlight Your Commitment to the Referral

Acknowledge the specific referral, personalizing your message and showing that you value the relationship with both the referrer and the new client.

Example: “I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with [Client’s Name], thanks to your recommendation, and have already taken [X Steps] to help him/her/them.”

At this point in the message, make sure to reiterate your commitment to providing excellent service to this new client. Let the referrer know that you will do your best to meet and exceed the expectations of the referred client.

Example: “I want to assure you that I will give [Client’s Name] the same level of dedication and professionalism that you experienced when working with me.”

Step #3. Remind Them of Their Own Positive Experience

As you wind down your letter, come back to the referrer’s own experience as a final, lingering reminder of their positive experience.

Example: “Thank you again for your referral – I am overjoyed I was able to assist you in your journey to the point where you trust me with your [relationship to referrer], and it is clients like you that inspire me every day.”

Step #4. Provide a Small Token of Appreciation

While not totally necessary, a token of appreciation can go a long way in making your thank you card memorable, thus encourging future referrals. You could offer a gift card, or a small token from a local store in their neighborhood. This could be a candle, flowers or even a bottle of wine if you know they would enjoy it. Anything that is personal to your experience with them will be extra memorable.

For example: “As a token of my appreciation, I’d like to offer you a $50 gift card to your favorite local restaurant. It’s my small way of saying thank you for your support.”

Step #5. Conclude the Card Warmly

Conclude your thank you note with warm regards and an invitation to stay in touch. This leaves the door open for future interactions and maintains a positive connection.

Example: “Thank you again for your trust and support. I look forward to helping [Client’s Name] and staying in touch with you. Please feel free to reach out anytime!”

Conclusion: Lead with a Personal Touch

Handwritten notes add a personal touch that can help you stand out and remain memorable with your clients. If possible, absolutely consider sending a handwritten thank you card over an email message. After all – working with them to buy a home, you likely know their address! By expressing genuine gratitude, especially by taking the time to put it down on pen and paper, highlighting your commitment, and offering a token of appreciation, you can show your referrers just how much their support means to you. A well-crafted and thought out thank you note not only says “thank you” but also speaks volumes about your professionalism and dedication to your clients and their referrals.