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6 Tips for Organizing Your Garage

The garage is the official award winner of the most challenging place in the house to organize because most of the contents are bulky, dirty, awkwardly shaped or, in some cases, potentially dangerous.

It’s hard to organize these items, let alone worry about how to arrange them in a way that makes the space more appealing. Don’t fret, these organization tips will help you put the garage chaos to an end – for good.

Install Pegboard Walls for Tools

If tools are frequently used in your home, it may be a good idea to store them out in the open and easily accessible. This is accomplished simply by hanging a pegboard, sized to your choosing, and using a variety of hooks to hang items on the board.

Pegboard Walls for Tools

Keep in mind, this can be used for other items such as paint brushes, gardening tools and craft supplies. Get it from

Hang Ceiling-Mounted Shelves

If wall and floor space is limited, think higher! Ceiling-mounted shelves are useful to hold items you don’t need often and keep them out of the way.

These shelves can hold loose or bulky items, or smaller items organized into plastic bins.

ceiling shelves

Some ceiling-mounted shelves have the option to insert hooks on the bottom that can be used to hang a bike, ladder or long gardening tools. Try them from

Stack Storage Bins Using Wooden Shelves

Durable plastic bins are always useful for items kept in the garage. They can hold sports equipment, camping gear, or home improvement materials.

wooden shelves

Instead of storing the bins on the floor and stacking them directly on top of each other, consider building a custom wooden shelf with cubbies to fit bins. Directions on how to build can be found HERE

Install A Track System On The Wall

Installing tracks along the wall is a great way to easily store bigger items such as shovels, rakes, or sports equipment.

track system

These tracks are easily customizable, so you can find a system that works for your space. Custom systems can be built at

Use Heavy-Duty Racks

If you don’t need a lot of storage space, a heavy-duty rack may be a good solution.


The height adjustable shelves are ideal for most items, and multiple racks can sit side by side for additional space. Available from The Home Depot

Add Finishing Touches

After taking the time to organize your entire garage, why not add some finishing touches? Epoxying your garage floors will not only add a layer of protection on the concrete, but it will make it easier to clean and give it a finished look!


You can paint the walls too, or hanging a few posters or flags can also be a nice alternative. Try the Epoxy Shield by Rust-Oleum, available at Lowes