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Full Packing Service vs. Partial Packing Service

The process of moving can be overwhelming. Aside from physically moving your belongings, you must buy and sell a home, or find a new place to rent.

You have to change your address, forward your mail, change doctors, your kids may need to change schools and if you’re moving for a job you are starting over somewhere new. Daryl Flood can help — contact us for a free moving quote!

Full Packing vs Partial Packing Services

When it comes to moving, packing typically is the most daunting task. In fact, many people begin packing months ahead of time knowing the time spent wrapping and boxing up items really adds up.

This is especially true when you are moving yourself, without hiring a professional mover. So, if you are moving, hiring a quality moving company could save you a lot of time since the movers can help with the time-consuming task of packing.

With a professional moving company, you have the option of doing some, or all the packing yourself. During the estimating process, you can choose between:

  • Full packing service (the crew packs everything for you),
  • Partial packing service (the crew handles items you wish not to pack yourself)
  • No packing service (the crew doesn’t pack any of your belongings)

It is strongly recommended that you choose at least a partial packing service, so a professionally trained crew can expertly handle your fragile and high-value items.

Residential Moving Services

Residential Moving Services

Packing and Wrapping Furniture and Appliances

What about furniture and major appliances?

Regardless of the packing service you choose, furniture and major appliances will be pad and/or stretch wrapped by the moving crew.

Please keep in mind, all appliances will need to be prepared ahead of time. This includes disconnecting your washer and dryer and preparing your refrigerator (third-party services are available for these at an additional cost).

full bedroom packing services

Disassembly and Custom Crating

Regardless of the packing option you choose, large items may need disassembly as well as custom crating services.

In this instance, a third-party expert supplier will be called to build a custom crate to safely prepare the item(s) for transport.

These services will be an additional expense on the move estimate but any damage to these items is covered.

Here are a few examples of items that would need special attention when moving:

  • Pool Tables
  • Grandfather Clocks
  • Chandeliers
  • Large Glass Tabletops
  • Original Artwork
  • Large Mirrors
  • Grand Pianos and Baby Grand Pianos
  • Large Sculptures or Statues
  • Workout Equipment
  • Home Theater and Electronics

Partial Packing Services

Partial packing services is a good option if you are looking to save money on moving costs, or you feel confident in having the time and the ability to carefully wrap and pack the items in your home well enough to make it to your destination.

If you are interested in having partial packing services performed, the move consultant will set a price based on the items you need wrapped, plus whatever you choose for the moving company to pack.

If you end up packing more or less than what you originally planned, your actual cost for packing services could change from what was originally on your estimate.

In these cases, you’ll need to contact your move consultant at least 5-10 days prior to the move taking place for these changes to be made.

Selecting Partial Packing Services?

Here are some self-packing tips:

  • Invest in the proper moving boxes, whether used or new. Ask your salesperson for recommendations on where to find moving boxes.
  • Use color coded labels.
  • Ensure every box is completely closed and secure the top using strong packing tape
  • Host a yard sale or donate items to reduce your volume, which reduces over costs.

loading the moving truck

Full Packing Services

We recommend full packing services as the best option if you are short on the time required to pack your entire home, or if you have an especially large shipment.

When you are meeting with your move consultant, they will set a price based on packing everything in your home.

If you end up packing any of your items yourself, your actual cost for packing services could decrease from what was originally on your estimate, however you will need confirm with your salesperson at least 5-10 days prior to the move.

Which Items Are Covered by Valuation With Packing Service?

Whether you purchase partial or full packing service, only the items packed by the moving company are covered under the moving company’s default valuation policy.

Owner packed cartons containing high-value items must be left open for our drivers to inspect and seal.

It’s important to note that if you packed these items on your own, the moving company is not held liable for damages or loss, unless a damaged box is notated upon delivery.

For clarification, please speak with your move consultant.

Can I Change My Mind About the Packing Services After My Estimate?

Yes, you can change your mind about which packing service you originally had on your estimate. If you choose the full packing service but choose to pack items yourself, please let your moving consultant know at 5-10 in advance prior to your move.

That way, we can be sure the crew has the correct amount of packing supplies required. In turn, if you made the decision to pack yourself and you are not completely packed several days prior to loading, please contact your move coordinator right away so we schedule a pack team to help finish the job.

Preparing for a move and packing your belongings can be overwhelming. We’re here to help ease the stress!

Schedule a free estimate to speak with a move consultant, and get all of your packing questions answered!