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How to Choose the Best Local Mover

Are you moving locally, but want to hire a professional mover? Whether you’re moving across town or just down the street, hiring a reputable local mover can greatly relieve the stress that accompanies moving. Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled some tips to help you find a quality local mover you can trust to handle your relocation. 


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Ask for Referrals

One of the best places to source recommendations for local moving companies is friends and family. In fact, personal recommendations are one of the most trustworthy referral sources available. You’ll receive first-hand knowledge of the company’s service quality and how they do business, both of which are important when choosing a local moving company. 

Verify Company Credentials

Verifying a company’s professional credentials is an important step in choosing a local moving company. Here are some of the steps you can take to ensure you’re working with a reputable company:

  • Check for a physical address – Moving companies require physical assets like trucks and warehouses to perform services. So, if the company you are researching has a P.O. box, or no address at all, this could indicate the business is not legitimate.
  • Verify licenses – USDOT numbers are not federally mandated for local movers; however, 38 states currently require movers conduct local business with a USDOT number. If you are moving in Texas, professional movers must operate with a TXDMV number.
  • Identify professional accreditations – Many professional movers are associated with industry associations such as American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) or accreditation organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

Get Multiple Estimates

While choosing a moving company doesn’t land solely on the lowest available price, it is an important factor in choosing a local mover. Getting multiple estimates will allow you to compare pricing for the same services and better understand what you are paying for. It also helps to identify gaps in quotes, for example, if one mover realized you need appliance disconnect services and another didn’t. Here at Daryl Flood we offer virtual estimates.

Avoid Red Flags

Unfortunately, rogue moving companies exist and many consumers fall victim to them each year. Here are some flags to help you identify companies to avoid:

  • A company that asks you to pay in cash only – This is not a typical practice and is a warning sign of fraud.
  • A company that doesn’t do an in-person or virtual survey – There is no accurate way to estimate pricing without seeing the goods to be moved. Therefore, a phone survey is not sufficient and will likely not be an accurate pricing representation.
  • A company that refuses to give you a quote in writing – If you are not provided a quote in writing, there is no way to verify the price was agreed upon between you and the company.
  • A company that asks for a deposit or payment up front – This is not a standard practice in the moving industry and should not be asked of consumers.
  • A company with no online presence, website or physical address – This is a sign of an illegitimate business.

Quality and Safety

Two of the most important performance factors for moving companies are quality and safety. If you’re looking for a dependable service provider, be sure to specifically ask what the company does to ensure quality and safety for its customers and their goods, such as safety training and practices, and internal quality assurance.

Services Offered

Local movers should offer a variety of services including vehicle transport and secure storage as well as be able to perform basic services like packing, loading/unloading and transportation of your household goods with ease. However, some specialty services, such as custom crating or appliance disconnecting, are typically outsourced since they require a different skill set.

Ask About Valuation

The local moving company you choose should offer standard valuation protection at no charge. This means your goods will be covered at $0.60 per pound at no additional charge. This is a basic level of protection of your goods in the event something gets damaged in the move. If you mover doesn’t offer this, or a similar protection, you may want to think twice. 

Additionally, most reputable local movers will offer supplemental valuation you can purchase to protect high-value items.

Choosing a local mover can be challenging, as there are many factors to consider. Give yourself plenty of time to evaluate potential companies and ensure they meet all your standards. If you have any questions, or are looking for a good local mover, give Daryl Flood Relocation a call at 1-844-350-4284.