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What kind of value protection does your moving company offer?

we offer a global property protection plan through UniGroup Worldwide Moving. with this plan, we will ask you to declare the value on all of your goods. this is because the premium charged is calculated using averages of full coverage. if the premium was based upon partially-covered shipments, we would need to charge a higher premium.

it’s an all-risk, non-deductible, full-replacement global property protection plan and it is available for $25 per $1,000 valuation. this rate includes pairs and sets (full coverage on dining sets, patio sets, side tables, etc.), electrical & mechanical derangement, and mold & mildew coverage.

an itemized valuation form needs to be submitted to us prior to packing day for coverage to commence. if the valuation form is not completed, the only coverage available is based on a $15 per pound valuation of the shipment. vehicle valuation is determined by the particular model, make and year of the vehicle at destination. all transit policies are underwritten and administered by UniGroup Worldwide Moving.