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Tips for a Smooth Moving Day

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Whether you are upgrading, downsizing, moving for a new job, or relocating for retirement, changing your living situation is seldom simple. Even if this big switch is something that you are looking forward to, the actual process of moving can be intimidating. However, with the right planning and preparation, your move can, in fact, be one of the easier parts of this big life transition.

We asked top industry experts for their advice on how to avoid being overwhelmed by the moving process. They’ve given us these tips and tricks on budgeting, planning, and packing, including how to handle everything from your toothbrush to your TV.

Planning for an Easy Move

One of the first steps in planning your move is to determine what your budget will be. Will you be hiring movers, or counting on help from friends and family? Do you have easy access to the materials you need for packing, or will you have to purchase some? Planning in advance is one of the most important strategies you can use to answer all of these questions and more. Here are our expert moving tips and tricks, covering everything from costs to timelines.

Ryan Carrigan, the co-founder of moveBuddha, has helped thousands of people successfully plan local and long-distance moves online. If your moving budget is tight, here are his tips on getting more for less.

If you’re hiring a moving company, book the earliest morning time slot available. The moving crew will be fresh so they’ll get the job done faster and typically do a better job. In addition, avoiding the weekends and end of the month can get you a better rate on a moving company or rental truck.

If you need packing materials, free boxes from liquor or grocery stores are a great way to save some cash, but make sure you get sturdy, good quality boxes. Flimsy boxes won’t stack well and increase the chances of damage.

Kirsten Totin is a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist with Daryl Flood Relocation and Logistics. Totin helps businesses understand and solve logistical problems, in addition to managing marketing, customer relationships and brand reputation. From comparison shopping to detailed lists of charges, here are the things she thinks you should look for when planning your move.

Moving can seem daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! There are many things you can do to [make your transition a smooth one]. A successful move begins with planning.

Give yourself ample time to find a reputable mover, pack your things and notify the appropriate organizations of your relocation.

Obtain three moving quotes from different companies, and compare them to ensure you pay a fair price for your move. It’s important to ask about valuation, additional charges and delivery windows.

Entire Article Originally Published: