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Why We Crate

During the survey of your goods, a Daryl Flood Consultant may identify a number of items that require additional protection while in transit. Proper packing is an important service we provide and although we are experts, you may have items that would be best transported in custom wooden crates.

How Crating Works

Daryl Flood has preferred providers come to your home, prior to loading, and take exact measurements of any items that need custom crating. The provider may pre-build the crates or arrive prepared to construct them onsite.

The crates are custom fit for each item. Daryl Flood will then coordinate to have the same company perform uncrating services at destination to ensure all items are in the same condition as when they were secured in the crates.

How Crating Affects Your Estimate

If you are getting multiple move quotes, compare each line item of the estimate. Our competitors do not always include crating in their original estimate.

As a result, their estimate may be much lower. Daryl Flood incorporates the cost of crating in your initial estimate, therefore the price you are given is reflective of all services needed to transport your goods, safely.

What Items Need Crating?

  • Extremely delicate/fragile items (example: oil paintings or delicate art frames).
  • High Value pieces that will not fit in standard cardboard boxes (example: large glass or ornate table tops).
  • Priceless family heirlooms that cannot be replaced (example: antiques or original artwork).

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