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How will my belongings be shipped overseas?

The standard overseas transport container we use to ship your belongings is a steamship container. These steel containers come in two sizes: 20 ft. (20x8x8 ft., holding approximately 1,100 cubic feet and 7,000 lbs. of household goods) and 40 ft (40x8x8 ft., holding approximately 2,300 cubic feet and 15,000 lbs. of household goods).

If your shipment size is significantly below the capacity of a steamship container, it may be more cost-effective to transport your belongings in a lift van. Lift vans are large, wooden crates generally measuring 7x4x7 feet (LxWxH). Lift vans typically hold around 1000 lbs. of household goods.

Corrugated Air Vans (or CAY’s) are utilized for air shipments only. Also known as tri-walls (three-layer cardboard walls), CAY’s are available in multiple sizes and are designed to be protective, yet size and weight efficient for airline travel.