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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Texas

You may have moved to the Lone Star State because of a job opportunity, to be closer to family, or to enjoy a warmer climate. Each person has unique reasons for a Texas relocation. Here are ten things that many of them might not have known before their move.

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#1 Evolving Tax Situation

Currently there are several states where there is no state income tax, which means less money taken out of your paychecks. As AARP notes, states that don’t impose state taxes will likely make up those funds in other ways and, in Texas, one method has been higher property taxes. In 2023, Texas had the seventh highest property taxes at $3,907—but relief may be in sight with a proposed $18 billion property tax cut being on the ballot in November 2023. This form of tax relief will have its own ramifications with Texas voters having decision making powers.

#2 High Ranking Economy

According to the U.S. News & World Report, Texas has the eighth best economy out of all the states, being ranked sixteenth in fiscal stability. Traditionally associated with the 20th-century oil boom, many of the largest public Texas companies are still in the oil and gas industry. Texas also has an agricultural tradition with its livestock industry still near the top in the United States. Other industries of note include airlines and technology companies. As a related factor, Texas is ranked number thirteen in infrastructure, referring to the quality of its roads and bridges, renewable energy usage, access to high-speed internet, and so forth.

#3 State of Microclimates

Overall, of course, Texas experiences quite warm weather with the fourth highest temperatures on average and a hot season that lasts from June to September, peaking in August. Because the state is also where multiple climate zones meet, Texas is a state of microclimates. If you’ve moved to the western portion of the state, for example, the climate is arid. On the east side, It’s likely to be humid. The extremes of temperature of heat and humidity in the summer, meanwhile, are most significantly felt along the Gulf Coast and in the lowlands.

#4 Diversity Rules

In a study that relies upon 2020 U.S. census information, Texas is the second most diverse state in the country, overall, only behind California. In the ranking system used, Texas earned a score of 70.04, which is only slightly behind California’s figure of 70.62. Drilling down into diversity subcategories, Texas ranks:

  • 4th in cultural diversity
  • 13th in economic diversity
  • 36th in household diversity
  • 6th in religious diversity
  • 39th in political diversity

Just like any other state, Texas isn’t homogenous, having differences at the city level. For example, Houston is the country’s fourth most diverse state with Arlington right behind it at number five. Other Texas cities may not show up in the list of the most diverse locations at all.

#5 Great Travel Hub

If, before you relocated to this state, you worried about the ease of traveling elsewhere or others visiting you, no worries! You could add the state’s traveling convenience to your list of “10 things I wish I knew before moving to Texas.” It’s centrally located between New York and California with inbound and outbound flights being fairly inexpensive. Plus, the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport offers flights to major cities around the world with plenty of other airports in Texas. 

#6 Texas Sized Pride

Geographically, Texas is big—something you probably knew before relocating here. But, did you know that the second biggest state in the United States at 268,597 square miles is about seven percent of the size of the entire country?

The big nature of Texas is much larger than just its size, too, with residents having an enormous sense of pride in their home state. If you’re not used to this attitude from previous homes, it may take a bit of getting used to. Before long, though, you’ll probably be boasting about its awesomeness yourself.

#7 Rich in History

When we say that Texas is steeped in history, we’re talking way back—even back to the days of the dinosaurs. When you visit Dinosaur Valley State Park, located not far from Fort Worth, you can literally walk in their tracks in the Paluxy Riverbed.

You can even BYOH (bring your own horse) to ride through the South Primitive Area. If so, BYOB (bring your own bucket) of water. If you’re interested in military history, be sure to remember the Alamo! Flags from five independent nations have flown over this land with the Mission San Antonio de Valero serving as garrison for just as many armies.

#8 Property Insurance is Not Mandated but Banks Require Policies

If, before you relocated, you liked the idea of property insurance being optional, add this to your list of “10 things I wish I knew before moving to Texas.” Unless you’re going to rent or pay for your home in cash, though, your mortgage lender almost certainly won’t take the same attitude. After all, your house will serve as collateral for the money they’re loaning you for the purchase. If you move into a flood zone, the lender may also require flood insurance. Really, though, even if you aren’t mandated to buy property insurance, wouldn’t you want to protect your biggest investment?

#9 Texan Lingo

People in this state sure have slang of their own—and as “purtee” as it may sound, if you aren’t privy to the particulars before your move, you’ll want to listen closely as you get used to the lingo. To help, here’s a bit of Texas Speak. And, since you’re already settled in, it may be too late for definitions of these ten Texas slang words, but maybe you can share them with others who relocate to the state. Bless your heart, y’all!

#10 Moving Out of State Guide

Daryl Flood Moving and Storage has created a great moving out of state guide that can make the process much easier. Steps to take include:

  • determining a budget
  • finding a place to live
  • researching moving companies
  • visiting where you’re moving
  • getting familiar with new taxes and laws
  • letting people know you’re moving

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