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Guide To Moving Out of State

Making the decision to move may be easy, but it can sometimes be difficult. Many factors can influence your decision, such as a new job or a big life change.

After all, moving is a big commitment. The risk tends to be higher when considering moving out of state, as opposed to across town.

This guide may help give you insight on whether relocating to another state is right for you.

Guide to moving out of state

How to Prepare for Moving Out of State:

If this is your first time moving out of state, understand that it can be tough. But, it’s also exciting! The jitters you’re feeling now will slowly disappear as you acclimate to your new surroundings.

Here’s a few pieces of advice we can offer:

1) Take Your Time

If you can, give yourself (and your family) plenty of time to think through this decision and weigh all your options.

This extra time will allow you to get you used to the idea of moving out of state and address any concerns you may have.

2) Visit The State Beforehand

This one may seem obvious, but not everyone is able to visit the state they want to move to, before they move. This step in your decision-making process is crucial in determining if the state you are choosing feels right for you.

Trust your instincts on this one and, if it doesn’t feel right, take a step back to reevaluate.

3) Hire A Reputable, Quality Moving Company

We can’t stress this one enough. Moving out of state can be intimidating, and the last thing you want to worry about is how everything in your home is going to make it in one piece, or even at all! Make finding a moving company one of your first steps.

This will allow you plenty of time to vet the companies, find testimonials and get multiple quotes.

4) Reach Out

Lean on your network of friends, family and coworkers for support when making the decision to move out of state. Perhaps someone can share their experiences or words of encouragement that might make you feel more confident in your decision to relocate.

Steps to Move Out of State

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay. When in doubt, make a plan! Here are some steps you can take to help you get organized when moving out of state.

1) Determine A Budget

Moving can be costly, so it’s important to establish a reasonable budget to make it happen. Once you know how much you can comfortably spend, it will be easier to find vendors who fit within your budget.

Your budget should be all-encompassing of your relocation, so don’t forget to include home-finding trips, household goods relocation, transportation, etc.

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Be sure to set aside a bit of extra money, in case unexpected expenses arise. If you’re moving for a job, check with your employer to see if they help cover relocation costs. This could save you in the long run!

2) Find A Place To Live

It would be awfully difficult to move, if you didn’t have a place to move to, right? We recommend finding somewhere to live as the second step when moving out of state.

The good news here is, you have options. Don’t feel pressured to buy a new home right away, especially if you are not sure which area you would like to be in on a permanent basis. Instead, consider renting for a few months so you can take your time in finding the perfect home.

Or, you may find that renting is your long-term solution, as many cities have various beautiful rental properties to choose from.

If you are looking to purchase a home, you may need two or three home-finding trips to find the right one. Be sure to hire a reputable real estate agent or Realtor that understands your situation and is willing to work with you while you’re busy preparing for your move back home in another state.

3) Research Moving Companies

As we said before, researching moving companies should be one of the first steps you take when moving out of state.

Moving out of state is considered an interstate move, and we recommend hiring a reputable national van line such as Atlas Van Lines.

Atlas long distance movers

These large van lines are extremely experienced and very reputable. Do your homework when hiring a mover.

Research customer testimonials and check to ensure they are operating with the appropriate licenses. Be sure to ask lots of questions during your in-home or virtual survey, like these.

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4) Take A Trip To Where You’re Moving

If possible, we encourage you and your family to take a trip to the new city and state that you’re moving to. This can be lumped in with your home-finding trip, but it’s also important to take some time to explore the new area. While you’re there, pick up some information on new providers like dentists, vets and doctors.

Make a note of local attractions and restaurants near you and get a feel for the neighborhood. You may even be able to visit new schools.

If you have time, stop by local government offices to gather information on how to get a new driver’s license or state ID. The more you can do ahead of time, the better.

5) Get Familiar With New Taxes and Laws

Inevitably, moving out of state comes with a learning curve. In addition to getting to know your new surroundings, you’ll need to become familiar with your new state’s taxes and laws.

State laws can vary widely, and it’s important you understand what is different from where you used to live. For more information, visit your new state’s website.

6) Let People Know You’re Moving

One of the last steps in the process of moving out of state is to let people know you’re moving. Although your friends and family may already know of your plans, be sure to let others know, too.

This includes, schools, doctors, employers and any other organization or individual that needs to be aware of your out of state relocation. Don’t forget to forward your mail!

interstate moving

Sample 6-Month Moving Out of State Timeline:

If you are trying to stick to a deadline of moving out of state within six months, we’ve helped outline
when it might be appropriate to complete the steps above.

Month 1:

  1. Determine your budget – Remember, this number is the most you are comfortable spending on
    your relocation.
  2. Plan your first home-finding trip – Explore all options, including rental properties.
  3. Begin researching moving companies – Read customer testimonials and look for valid credentials.
  4. Start packing – It’s never too early to begin packing. You’ll be glad you did.

Month 2:

  1. Take a home-finding trip – Look at homes, visit local attractions and get to know the area.
  2. Begin gathering estimates for your relocation – Determine what each aspect of your relocation
    will cost.
  3. List your home – If you have a home to sell, now may be a good time to list it. Depending on the
    market, homes can take upwards of six months to sell. Ask your real estate agent for advice on

Month 3:

  1. Continue your home search – Take another home-finding trip if you can fit it into your budget. Already found a home? Consider using the time to look at schools, interview doctors, etc.

Month 4:

  1. Gather moving company estimates – It’s always good to get more than one for comparison.
    Don’t forget to ask questions! Keep in mind, some companies’ estimates are only good for thirty
    days. Be prepared to make a decision, soon.
  2. Make a final decision on your home search – Begin working with your real estate agent or
    landlord to close the deal.

Month 5:

  1. Hire a moving company – Set a date for when you want to move. The more notice, the better.
    You may need to be flexible on your delivery dates. You will also need to coordinate logistics
    with your living situation in your new state.
  2. Get familiar with taxes and laws of your new state.

Month 6:

  1. Forward your mail.
  2. Close on your new home or rental property.
  3. Move!

We hope this article has given you some good insight into what to expect when moving out of state and how to make the process more seamless. Remember, a well-developed plan and a strong support system makes all the difference during this stressful time.

Good luck on the adventure ahead!

If you’d like to learn more about moving out of state, contact us! We’d be happy to help!