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Should I Hire a Professional Mover for my Local Move?

It’s not uncommon for professional movers associated with van lines like Atlas Vanlines to be thought of as strictly long-distance movers. But, did you know these professional movers also perform local moves with the same white-glove service and quality as interstate moves? It makes sense to hire a professional moving company, even if you’re moving locally.  

In this article, we will outline why a professional moving company is the right choice for your local move. 

man and woman carrying boxes into new home

1. Customize Your Move 

Moving with a professional mover means you’ll have a multitude of price and service options, which allows for the customization of your move experience. For example, you can choose a basic moving service that includes the loading, unloading and transportation of your goods, without packing, which can save a little money. Or, if you’re looking for the company to do it all, you can add full packing and unpacking to your move, along with many other services, to make your relocation completely hands-off. During the move survey, you’ll work with your move consultant to find the options that work best for you. 

2. Excellent Service Quality 

Whether you’re moving across the country or down the street, it’s important to do business with a reputable moving company who operates with quality and safety as a top priority. Professional moving companies will handle your local move just like any other – with expert service. You can expect proactive communication, fair and competitive pricing, and top-rated drivers with expertly trained crew members. For tips on how to hire a quality mover, click here. 

3. Movers Handle Every Aspect 

Professional moving companies are fully equipped to handle every facet of your relocation. In fact, it’s our job to ensure every detail is accounted for, including custom crating services, extra stops, temporary or long-term storage and appliance disconnect and reconnect services. When you’re entrenched in the stress of moving, it’s important to have a service provider you can trust.  

Helpful Tip: Plan ahead with this FREE Residential Move Guide! 

4. Fair, Competitive Pricing 

Professional moving companies are incredibly competitive when it comes to pricing local moves. We recommend getting in-home or virtual estimates from three companies and letting our experts help you review them to ensure you’re comparing apples to apples. 

5. Convenient Storage 

Many professional movers offer convenient storage because their facilities are equipped with secure warehouse space. Instead of performing a DIY move or hiring a mover and finding a separate temporary or long-term storage provider, simply add this service to your professional moving estimate. This is a great option if you’re building a home, moving into temporary living or have an extended window of time between moving out of our old home and into your new one. 

6. Movers Are a One-Stop Shop 

The convenience of a professional mover is you are essentially dealing with a one-stop shop. For a DIY move, you must buy packing supplies, rent a truck and find storage, all from different service providers. You’ll deal with deposits and payments with each of these vendors, adhering to different contracts, timelines, etc. This creates unnecessary stress during your move. With a professional mover, everything is taken care of through one company. Even if your relocation requires third-party services, such as custom crating or appliance disconnect/reconnect, you’ll still coordinate and submit payment directly to the mover. 

7. Valuation Coverage: Built-In Safety Net 

With professional movers, you’ll receive standard valuation coverage of your goods (which covers $0.60 per pound) at no cost, regardless of the move package you choose. This can bring tremendous peace of mind that you won’t have with a DIY move. If you have high-value items you wish to cover, full value protection is available at an additional cost.  

Overall, professional movers are a great option for a local move. You’ll receive a high-quality experience at a competitive price, and you’ll rest easy knowing your move is in good hands. Looking for a local moving estimate? Give us a call today at 1-844-350-4284 to talk to a move expert!