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Are Moving Companies Considered Essential Business?

The coronavirus pandemic has halted many normal routines of everyday life in the U.S. and across the globe. While it’s relatively easy to live without some services, moving is still considered essential.

Are Moving Companies Considered Essential Business?

This article will outline some popular questions about moving during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to make the process as safe and stress-free as possible.

Are Moving Companies Essential Services?

Yes. Movers are considered to provide an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Move dates often correlate with a home sale closing, lease ending, or a new job start date and, therefore, are not easily changed.

It’s important for each state to keep moving companies open as essential businesses so consumers can proceed with relocation plans.

Currently, most moving companies across the nation remain fully operational with few restrictions.

It’s important to note, the closure of businesses varies by state, so do your research to ensure the company you plan to work with is still in operation.

Are All Moving Services Still Available?

Each moving company operates differently, and some may offer services others don’t.

These services, such as full or partial packing, storage, transportation, loading, unloading and delivery, typically won’t be affected by COVID-19 and are able to be performed regularly.

Still, it’s best to speak with your provider directly to ensure the services needed during your relocation are available in your area.

What Precautions Is My Moving Company Taking?

Moving companies must have face-to-face contact with customers in order to perform their services, so, it’s important for these companies to follow the CDC recommended guidelines and take necessary precautions to protect customers.

Here are some safety measures you should expect from your moving company:

  • Providing Clean Boxes and Packing Supplies
  • Adhering to Hand Washing Guidelines
  • Following Social Distancing Protocol
  • Wearing Masks, Where Mandated

In addition, you can do your part to stay safe.

Check out our article on How to Move Safely During COVID-19 for tips.

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I Had A Move Scheduled Prior to COVID-19, Is It Still Happening?

If you scheduled your move before the coronavirus pandemic hit, it’s likely your relocation is still on the books with your moving company, because they are deemed an essential service.

However, the best way to ensure it’s still happening is to contact your moving company directly.

Should I Move During COVID-19?

The decision to move during the coronavirus pandemic is personal and can be influenced by many factors.

While moving companies are implementing safety measures, you may not be comfortable following through with your relocation at this time.

If you have flexibility with your move date and you are concerned about exposure, or are part of a high-risk group, consider postponing.

If changing your move date isn’t an option, appoint a family member or friend, not in a high-risk group, to oversee the move on your behalf.

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What If I Need To Cancel My Move?

If you need to cancel your move due to COVID-19, contact your moving company directly as soon as possible.

If you cancel your move far enough in advance, you likely won’t be financially responsible unless any services have already been performed.

The unique circumstances of COVID-19 have drastically changed what we think of as normal. Fortunately, essential businesses, such as movers, are allowed to serve customers.

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