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Full-Service Moving Companies: What You Need to Know

If you are thinking about moving, you may be researching options available to help get the job done. You can rent a moving truck and do it yourself, but hiring a moving company can take the heavy lifting off your hands and may better fit your expectations. In this article, we will outline what a full-service moving company is, the services they typically perform and how much it all costs.


What is a full-service moving company? 

A full-service moving company is a service provider that can handle every aspect of your move, from packing to unpacking. Essentially, a full-service moving company is perfect for individuals who don’t have time to dedicate to the consuming details of a relocation and don’t wish to assume the physical task of moving their household goods.  

Caring professional packers

What do full-service movers do? 

Full-service movers offer a wide variety of services to ensure you don’t have to lift a finger when moving.  

A full-service move with Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics includes: 

  • Thorough in-home or virtual estimate* – For the most accurate pricing on your move, a member of the Daryl Flood team will perform a thorough survey of your household goods either in your home or virtually.
    *Please Note: Beginning June 2020, we strongly encourage surveys be performed virtually to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Learn more about how we are moving customers safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Personal move coordinator – To handle the logistics and coordination of your relocation, a dedicated move coordinator will work directly with you through every step of your move. 
  • Furniture disassembly/reassembly – Our move team will disassemble oversized furniture, such as bed frames, at origin and reassemble them at destination. 
  • Complete inventory of your household goods – Our move team will provide a detailed inventory of the household goods they pack and load for you to review. You will use this inventory to ensure all belongings are accounted for at destination. 
  • Full loading and unloading – Our crews will load and unload the entirety of your household goods. At destination, your items will be placed in the room you designate.  
  • Transportation of your household goods – Your belongings will be safely transported by a qualified driver in fully-compliant equipment.  
  • Basic liability coverage – Your household goods will be covered under our basic liability coverage in the event of a damaged or lost item. This protection covers up to $.60 per pound.  

Daryl Flood offers the following services, at an additional cost: 

  • Full or partial packing services with supplies included – Our expert packing teams will professionally pack your all your household goods, or just the items you designate, and provide the supplies necessary to fully protect your belongings. 
  • Custom crating – Many oversized and high-value items require extra protection when moving. We can provide custom crating to ensure your belongings stay safe during transport. 
  • Appliance disconnect/reconnect – Our move team can disconnect large appliances, like refrigerators and clothes washers and dryers, and reconnect them for immediate use at destination. 
  • Auto transportation – We can arrange to transport your vehicle(s) to your destination. 
  • Full or partial unpacking – Our crews can professionally unpack and put away your household goods at destination. 
  • Debris removal – Our team can pick up and haul away any debris/packing material leftover from your move when you are finished unpacking. 
  • Secure storage – Depending on your move timeline, you may need storage. We can provide secure, short-term or long-term storage at origin and/or destination. 
  • Full-value coverage – Valuation protection on your household goods is available for purchase. Speak with your Daryl Flood sales representative for more details! 

How much time will a full-service move take? 

The timeline of a full-service move depends on many different factors. As the consumer, you will typically have the biggest influence on the time it takes for your move to happen. What fits your needs? Full-service movers generally have the resources to accommodate short timelines, if necessary. Sometimes, especially during peak season (May - September), capacity can be limited and moves may take longer to complete. The Daryl Flood team will ensure you stay up to date on move information. 

Getting an estimate: 

From point of inquiry, an in-home survey is generally completed within a couple of days, and a virtual survey can be completed within 24 hours, depending on your availability. A price estimate is then sent to you within 24 hours following survey completion.  


Once you confirm your move, a coordinator will contact you to discuss the timeline and details of your move. You’ll work directly with that coordinator to set your packing and loading dates, and get updates on your delivery. 


The packing and loading timetable depends entirely on the scope of work to be completed. Most homes can be packed in one to two days and loaded the next day. Keep in mind, the following factors influence your move timeline: 

  • Size of home 
  • Number of items to pack 
  • Ease of access to the home (narrow streets, long driveways, stair/elevator access, etc.) 
  • Added services (crating, appliance disconnect, etc.) 

Transport and Delivery: 

All moves will have a range of dates assigned to them called a delivery spread. Your household goods could arrive for delivery on any day listed in this spread. However, your coordinator will keep you up to date and advise you on when the driver and crew will be arriving ahead of time. The following factors can influence your delivery spread: 

  • Travel distance 
  • Adverse weather conditions 
  • Additional pickups from storage 
  • Capacity during peak season 

How much will a full-service moving company cost? 

A full-service move is generally more expensive than a DIY move, especially if you are taking advantage of additional services not included with a standard move. 

As a rule, your price is calculated by the weight of your household goods and the distance you are traveling, plus additional services. 

Full-service moving companies like Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics are a great option for those who need a professional, quality mover to handle their relocation. Could you benefit from hiring Daryl Flood? Get an estimate today by calling (844) 350-4284 or filling out our FREE estimate form!