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Office Moving: Minimizing Your Business’ Downtime

A major challenge with business or office moving is to complete the entire relocation process with the minimum amount of downtime to business operations as possible.

In particular, if the amount of time your businesses computers and computer systems are offline and not functioning can be kept to a minimum, this will be paramount to experiencing as little business interruption as possible. In order to be successful at this, some significant pre-move planning and organization will be required.

Businesses will want to have their normal operations and computer systems operating as long as possible before the relocation, and will need them up and running as quickly as possible after the office move takes place.

Moving Office Computer

This requires a strategy and it means having your computer support staff involved. Dis-assembling and re-assembling computer equipment should be carried out generally in a three step process:

  1. Have computer support personnel disconnect computers and all related equipment and cables. Have everything packed and labeled according to the employee or location with which it needs to be set up at your new location. It will be helpful if employees have previously removed all personal and other items from their work stations.
  2. All computer equipment should be clearly marked so nothing is misplaced. Designate a room or area at your new location where all computer related boxes can be stored while the office is being set up and furniture assembled.
  3. Once the new office has been set up and organized, your computer support crew can re-assemble the system.

office moving

It will be helpful to this process to draw a blueprint of the new office, labeling where each employee will be stationed so there is no confusion as to where equipment needs to be set up after the office relocation.

Your professional moving company will be able to supply your business with the correct boxes and moving supplies to keep your computers and other equipment safe and properly organized throughout the relocation process.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming office or business relocation and how we can tailor a custom moving strategy around the specific needs of your organization. Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics has been the leader in dependable office moving since 1982.

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