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A dependable long distance move in Dallas. Since 1982, the Daryl Flood team has prided ourselves on providing an easier, trustworthy long distance move for families in Dallas. When you need an experienced and dependable Dallas moving company for your cross-country or long-distance move, make Daryl Flood your first call. For more than 40 years, we've helped thousands of Texans relocate with our full slate of moving services. No matter whether you're moving within Texas or to a new state, we can meet all your moving, packing, and storage needs. We provide:

  • Background-checked, trained and professional moving crews
  • Simple, transparent moving estimates with no hidden fees
  • Moving plans personalized to your needs
  • Professional packing and storage moving services

Let's Get Moving!

Our long distance moving services in Dallas, TX

Trusted to Move Texas for 40 years

A full-service partner for your long-distance move

With Daryl Flood, you will have the services of a dedicated move coordinator to make sure your move is made safely, on time, and on budget. We customize all our services, and we'll help you determine if our full-service moving is best for you or whether our flexible partial services are all you need. Through your move coordinator, you’ll be kept informed throughout your move, and have only one number to call for any questions you may have. Our expert coordinators have worked on hundreds of moves in their careers and can often anticipate needs or concerns you may not even realize you have yet.

Supportive flexibility for Moving Needs

Long-distance services to match your move

Whether you need our full-service long-distance moving solutions or our partial moving services, Daryl Flood will work with you to scale your moving services up or down depending on your needs. The last thing you want to be doing with a long-distance move is to pull together different services from different companies. With Daryl Flood, you’ll have every service you need under one roof. We provide:

  • Secure storage in our more than 500,000 square feet of state-of-the-art storage facilities in Texas, as well as millions of square feet within the Atlas Van Lines storage footprint.
  • Professional full and partial packing services with a trained crew
  • Caring senior moving professionals, trained to thoughtfully move parents and grandparents
  • Crews trained in apartment and condo moving
  • Third party appliance service (for de-installation and installation of hot tubs, trampolines, and other large appliances)
Value you can see with each packed box

A proud agent for Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines has been moving customers since 1948, and our similar long history, high-quality crews and employees, expert training and professionalism means we are able to seamlessly partner together to move families long-distance.

Daryl Flood's fleet of 85 tractor trailers travels across the United States to serve customers nationwide thanks to our longstanding partnership .

Dallas long distance moving FAQs

There's no single price that applies to all long-distance moves. Your move, and all movers, are different, so we recommend that you obtain at least three estimates to help make a clear comparison of each moving company's services and pricing.
When we develop your final moving quote, we'll calculate it based on these and other factors:

  • How far your move is.
  • Whether you want a full- or partial-service moving.
  • What day of the week/time of year you’re moving.
  • The number and type of specialty items you would like for us to move, such as art pieces, pianos, grandfather clocks, home theater equipment, pool tables, or antiques.
  • Custom-built crates, if needed, for any specialty items.
  • Whether you need third-party appliance service for the deinstallation and installation of large appliances and/or items such as hot tubs and trampolines.

Our expert estimators will be glad to review all the details of your moving quote and explain our customizable service options during your survey.

You may take advantage of our convenient storage solutions for any length of time. We offer both short- and long-term storage to meet your needs. Our experienced crews will come to your residence to carefully handle and pick up the belongings you would like to have stored and then deliver them to our warehouse.

You can use our storage services before, during, or after your move. It's handy for everything from simplifying decluttering or sorting your household goods to storing your belongings if you need to move before your home in your new location isn't ready to be occupied.

Every customer's move is unique, so we offer flexible options. When you choose our money-saving partial packing service, our expert crews will pack only areas where you need help, such as a kitchen or bedrooms, while you will pack your other items. With our full packing option, our moving professionals will pack everything in your residence, making moving as easy as possible.

Staging your home does not have to be expensive, and you don’t need a profession. The easiest way to stage your home is with furniture you already have! Most of the time, your home just needs to be de-personalized, and perhaps a few pieces of furniture need to be moved out temporarily. When staging your home, Daryl Flood is able to come in and remove and store these items short-term. Our team will then come back to complete the move, and deliver all of your items at once to your new home.

Just ask your move consultant about our declutter and store options, and they can get you some quick and easy pricing as part of your overall moving quote.

Definitely. Moving and handling heavier, uniquely shaped items such as large and heavy gym equipment, including tanning beds, and even home entertainment items such as a pool table or arcade games, or instruments such as pianos or cellos, is no problem for our professional moving team. The benefit of our over four decades of experience is that we have moved nearly every item imaginable and have written the playbook on how to do it safely.

We are also able to move delicate items, such as antiques, art or wine collections, among other items.

When it comes to identifying the least expensive time of year to move long-distance in Dallas, it's essential to familiarize yourself with moving trends and seasonality. Knowing when the best deals are available can help you plan a smart move, reduce your overall moving costs and make your long-distance move a breeze.

With over 80 percent of all moves in the U.S. occurring in the summer, this is officially considered the most popular and busiest time to move, which is also referred to as peak moving season. During the peak moving season, moving demands are at their highest, making this one of the most expensive times of the year to coordinate a move.

Around September (after Labor Day), or the off-peak moving season, things begin to slow down, and those rising summer moving costs will decrease.

From this time through December, business at moving companies generally moves at a slower pace, so more movers are available, and they offer highly competitive prices. Between its more affordable rates, cooler weather, and less demand, fall is the cheapest time of year to move long-distance.

Before packing up your house and moving far away, it may be a good idea to declutter and cut down on the number of items you should bring with you. This will help you save on moving costs and prevent your new house from feeling cluttered immediately after your move.

However, some items are simply not worth paying to have a moving company transport them (and some may also be prohibited from moving), which can include:

  • Clothes and shoes you no longer wear
  • Frozen or refrigerated food
  • Any opened unrefrigerated food
  • Old bills, receipts, and paperwork you no longer need
  • Houseplants
  • Large appliances
  • Old furniture
  • Fireworks
  • Expired medications
  • Pool chemicals
  • Expired makeup
  • Lawn chemicals and fertilizers
  • Old electronics
  • Old baby clothes and gear
  • Most of your junk drawer

An easy rule of thumb is to leave behind anything you haven't used in the last year. It's also important to check with whichever long-distance movers in Dallas you choose to see what items they will and will not handle.

In general, long-distance moving companies in Dallas consider long-distance moves to be anything over 50 miles. As a result, many moves within Texas fall into the long-distance category. So, whether you're moving across the state or across the country, you'll need to call long-distance movers in Dallas you can trust.

What makes Daryl Flood Moving & Storage the best choice for your next move out of all the long-distance moving companies in Dallas?

It's simple — our dedication to your complete satisfaction. Whether you need a little help or a lot, our long-distance movers in Dallas will be there to provide the expert moving solutions you need.

Call us today to learn more or to request your free moving estimate.

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