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The Daryl Flood team cares about your local move. We have been moving local Texas families for over 40 years, providing a high-quality, dependable moving experience, personalized for every customer’s unique needs. Our team of moving experts are professionals who have been background checked and fully trained in all of the skills and services you need for moving locally. Daryl Flood provides total transparency into the moving process, bringing simplicity and a caring approach with every move. This includes providing each customer with a customized move plan, easy-to-understand pricing and flexibility to accommodate any need.

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Daryl Flood’s Local Household Moving Services

Over 40 years of Trust

Over 40 years of trust in Texas

Since 1982, Daryl Flood has been trusted to professionally relocate Texans across town, the state and the world. With locations throughout Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, we have grown into a leading local, long distance and international mover over the past four decades, with a reputation for professional, caring and well-executed moves. Let us show you why Texans have trusted the Daryl Flood team for so long.

Value you can see and understand

Value you can see and understand

Finding the best local moving company can be stressful. It’s difficult to balance your budget with finding a responsible mover to care for your home and goods. That’s why Daryl Flood’s team is expertly trained and background checked to ensure we only have professionals providing you with the best possible experience. Our training includes customer service, safety, professional packing and maneuvering. Our teams have the benefit of our time-tested home moving processes – including door and floor protections – to take care of your home. Alongside our expert moving crews, we provide you with a transparent quote. You’ll understand the value of every penny of your moving budget, and not have to worry about any unforeseen fees or charges.

Supportive flexibility for Moving Needs

A moving team you can depend on

Moving is stressful enough even before you start looking for the best local moving company. Our professional, trained and tenured moving crew is here to support you throughout the process. Alongside our moving crew and driver, each of our customers has a dedicated move coordinator. This team member assists customers from the time the move is booked until the last item is safely delivered. Your move coordinator is your one phone call for any questions throughout your moving process, helping to make your move a little easier.

Local Movers in Texas FAQs

It is important that you feel confident knowing you are hiring a trusted, experienced local Texas mover. To start with, make sure you find a local mover who is fully licensed and insured, registered with the DOT and will take great care of your property.

Daryl Flood has been operating in Texas for over 40 years, and has the best crews in the industry, who are trained on how to do things like properly apply our high-quality door and floor protection for your home, and properly wrap and transport items to avoid breakage.

Make sure that with any local moving company, you’re checking reviews online, not only to see that the company has a high score, but that they’re engaged and responding back to both positive and negative reviews.

Especially with local moves, you want to make sure the company you’re hiring is providing quality service and you can trust them with your goods – don’t just go for the cheapest option, as they may tack on “fees” later on that drive up the final cost.

Begin packing around a month in advance of your local move. This will give you plenty of time to go through items and give away or donate what you don’t need. If you find you need help in a certain area of your home, Daryl Flood provides full or partial professional packing services.

Our trained team can come in and either pack up your entire home in advance of your move, or pack only certain areas, such as a kitchen or the bedrooms. This way, you can focus less on the stress of moving and more on the excitement of transitioning to a new home.

We advise scheduling local movers at least four weeks, but ideally six weeks in advance of your move. Especially if you’re moving in “peak” moving season – May through September – you’ll want to reach out as early as possible to ensure you can book your preferred mover on your moving date.

Daryl Flood has state-of-the-art facilities across Texas all outfitted with security systems and a variety of options that will allow someone to work within their budget and make sure that if there are any special requirements, we have the logistical ability to handle it.

We are able to store your items for long or short-term, with your items expertly pad wrapped and contained for security. When you’re ready for your items to be delivered to you, we can place them in your new home with ease. Learn more about our local storage options.

Our professional Daryl Flood teams can move you within the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. We’re experts and leading movers in all of these cities and know how to get your items from one side of town to another with the best of care.

If you’re moving your home, you want a Texas Moving Company that is dependable, you need household movers you can trust. When you select Daryl Flood Relocation as your moving company, you’re choosing one of the most experienced moving companies in Texas.

From the very start of your moving experience – getting an accurate moving estimate – all the way through the end – when the last piece of furniture is moved into your new home – we’re the full-service professional movers you can depend on. Since 1982, Daryl Flood has successfully moved thousands of Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas/Fort Worth area families.

That’s why we’re not just dependable, we’re Daryl Flood Dependable.

  • Moving Truck
  • Packing & Loading Crews
  • Stretch wrap to cover furniture, electronics and fragile items
  • Crew Supervisor
  • Moving Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Carrier Liability Protection
  • Personal Relocation Coordinator

Schedule an in-home moving consultation to find out your exact moving costs — guaranteed. Pricing for local moving is determined by the weight of the goods to be moved. Our in-home estimator will carefully calculate these variables for you, taking into consideration your desired service level.

We can help you determine whether a part self-service move or full service move is right for you. Once our estimating professional gives you the free moving quote, your price is guaranteed.

You may not think about hiring a company for a local move, but professional moving companies offer more than just long-distance moves. If you're considering a do-it-yourself move, here are a few things to know about the advantages of letting professional local movers such as Daryl Flood handle your move:


Whether your new home is on the other side of town or around the corner, experienced local moving companies know how to move your belongings safely and efficiently. At Daryl Flood, our crew members are trained in the best and latest packing and moving methods to protect your items and your property from damage. We also take a complete inventory of the belongings that we move out of your home.

For additional peace of mind, your local move will include a Standard Valuation Protection Package that covers your belongings if damage occurs. You can even take advantage of full-value protection for high-value items at an additional cost if needed.

Competitive Pricing

Because professional moving companies have well-trained crew members and efficient processes, they can offer surprisingly fair pricing for local moves. It's always a good idea to compare prices by obtaining several moving quotes but be sure the quotes are based on virtual or in-home consultations to help ensure accuracy.

When you choose Daryl Flood, our expert estimators will provide a free, transparent moving quote so you'll know how much your local move will cost.

Range of Services

All local moves are different, and many customers require some services that go beyond simply putting their items in boxes and loading them on a truck. Most professional local movers have the capabilities and/or partners needed to handle special items that need to be moved, such as pool tables or hot tubs that may be too large or heavy for a DIY move. They also know how to safely wrap, pad and pack sensitive or fragile items, such as antiques.

Another service that can help make your local move easier is storage. You can use Daryl Flood's storage services to store your items if, for example, your new home isn't quite ready for all of your belongings or if you want more time to declutter or organize your items.

If you need secure storage, our estimator will be glad to provide you with pricing on the services that will meet your needs.


Handling your local move yourself means you will need to purchase packing supplies, rent a truck and perhaps obtain storage space. When you work with a professional local moving company, you'll benefit from a one-stop shop for everything, including any third-party services you may need for appliance disconnection or custom crating for specialty items.

At Daryl Flood, you'll have all of the above and more, including a personal move coordinator who will keep you informed throughout your move and be your single point of contact.

Local moves require high care and professionalism, so choose your mover carefully. Qualification standards for movers differ dramatically. Look beyond movers’ advertising claims and check their Certificates And Endorsements. We encourage you to visit our offices and warehouses before making your decision. We’ve been in the industry for over 40 years and have become Texas’ largest moving and Storage Services provider.

You can also ask prospective local movers these questions to help you choose the one that's right for your needs:

  • How long have you been in the local moving business?
  • Is your company fully licensed and insured?
  • Do you check your employees' backgrounds?
  • How do you train your moving crew members?
  • Are there any costs that are not included in your local moving estimate?
  • Do you have secure storage facilities?
  • What do you do to protect customers' belongings during a local move or while they are in storage?
  • Do you offer standard valuation protection, and, if so, do you provide it at no cost?
  • What will you do if something is damaged or missing during my local move?

Our Services Areas Include but are not limited to:

Fill out our quote form to schedule a free in-home moving estimate, today.

This term usually refers to a move between two locations that are less than 50 miles apart. Compare that to an intrastate move that would take place within the same state with a distance of 50 miles or more, or an interstate move that takes place across at least one state line.

Each situation is different. Factors that can play a role in the pricing include:

  • How many items need to be transported
  • How many heavy items you’ll move
  • How many fragile items you’ll move
  • The mileage involved in your move
  • Which moving services you choose to use, such as packing/unpacking

To reduce your costs, consider what you really need to have transported. If, for example, you're thinking about giving a friend or relative that heavy dining room table or a delicate heirloom, it can make sense to do so before the move, not after. If you’re not sure what you want to do with certain items, consider Putting Them in Storage. We offer competitive storage rates in state-of-the-art facilities.

To get an estimate from our local moving company, please fill out the form on this page; Contact Us Online; or call (844) 350-4284.

Unanticipated circumstances can disrupt even the most well-planned move, but there's no need to worry about a last-minute change in your plan when Daryl Flood is your local mover. We allow you to have our moving crew members take your belongings to our secure storage facilities for safekeeping. No matter if you need to store your items for just a short time or you're not sure when your home will be ready to have them delivered, you can take advantage of our storage services for as long as you need.

Daryl Flood's experienced moving team members will do all they can to protect your furniture, including covering all your furniture's surfaces. We use padded blankets to wrap and secure your furniture with packing tape. Other packing methods we provide include using a padded paper wrap, shrink wrap, micro-foam, and other materials. If you have any fragile or sensitive items you want us to move, we work with our trusted and professional third-party crating service partners to build custom crates that offer extra protection for these items during your local move.

Start as early as possible, even if your move is still months away. This will give you the maximum amount of time to prepare and will reduce or eliminate the stress associated with rushing to meet deadlines.

Whittle your belongings down to those you want to keep. Throw out expired spices, worn-out towels, and shoes with broken heels. If you’re going to have a rummage sale, choose what you’re going to sell; price everything appropriately, and strategically pick the date and time for your sale. Every item you sell benefits you in two ways: it reduces what you’ll have to move and it puts money in your pocket. Give away or donate items in decent shape that you just don’t want or need anymore, including duplicate items.

Book your date with your local moving company of choice (more about selecting the right one in this FAQ: How do I choose my local movers?). Once you know you’ve chosen the right local movers and that you have your date booked, this can remove unnecessary stress.

Decide what services you’d like from your household movers. Are you looking for local packers and movers, or do you plan to pack and unpack your own belongings? At Daryl Flood, we offer partial and full-service moves to fit your specific needs and budget.

If you’ll do your own packing and unpacking, make sure you have enough boxes and supplies, such as bubble wrap, tape, markers, and more. Create a labeling system, writing down the room where a box should go on the box itself or by assigning each room a certain color of stickers. If you label all sides of your boxes, you’ll know where each one should go, no matter how you set the box down. Consider marking boxes containing important items with an “I” for “important” or “H” for high priority.

Think beyond your actual move, too, handling all change of address forms, transferring utilities, and so forth.

Lastly, here are a few more steps you can take to prepare for your local move and make it go more smoothly:

  • Empty refrigerators and freezers and defrost freezers 48 hours ahead of your move day. If your refrigerator has a water dispenser, we recommend having a trained appliance servicer turn off the water supply, cap the water line, empty the lines of all water and properly disconnect the icemaker.
  • Make sure items in your attic or crawl space are moved to an accessible area for the driver.
  • Clear driveways and walkways of any hazards, such as mud, snow or ice.
  • Remove any personal items from vehicles or boats that our movers will be transporting.
  • Keep children and pets in a safe area while our moving crew is packing, loading, and unloading your belongings.
  • Let your move coordinator know in advance if you have items that will require special packing, handling, or servicing, such as pool tables, flat-screen TVs, or specialty beds.
  • Drain any power equipment, such as lawnmowers, of all oil and fuel.

Please note that our moving crews cannot remove anything that is permanently attached. This includes electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, shelving, and carpeting.

If you have any questions about preparing for your local move, your move coordinator will be glad to answer them.

You’ll want to hire a local moving company with experience and a quality reputation. Unfortunately, fly-by-night rogue movers do exist.

Ask friends, family members, and coworkers who have used household movers in your area. Make a list of recommendations and then check the websites and reviews of those local packers and movers. Then, ask yourself:

  • Do they have a decent online presence?
  • Do they offer the services you need?
  • Have they won any local awards or accreditations?

By now, you should have a good list of local movers to choose from and can collect quotes.

When you contact household movers, make sure they are willing to explain their services and answer your questions easily. Are they transparent about their pricing? Be sure to get a written estimate. If a local moving company hesitates to put information in writing or refuses to offer you any kind of binding quote, that’s a big red flag.

With your local moving company of choice, verify that the business is licensed with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Household movers in Texas are required to be licensed (our number is 006779291C) and, if someone hires a mover that isn’t licensed, they risk the loss of their belongings.

Movers typically offer standard valuation coverage for your household goods, so get clarity about what’s covered. Note that your local movers can’t legally provide insurance for your belongings. If you want true insurance (going beyond standard valuation coverage), consult with your insurance agent.

Once you’ve picked your local packers and movers, reserve your date as soon as you can. To get an estimate from our local moving company, you can fill out the form on this page; Contact Us Online; or call us at (844) 350-4284.

In general, make sure you’ve scheduled your movers four to six weeks before relocation day. As soon as you know your date, though, get it confirmed with the local moving company of your choice, even if it’s earlier.

This is even more important from May through September, which is peak moving season. There may be busy times outside this timeframe that are busy for your specific location, so also keep that in mind.

As moving day nears, create an “open first” box that you can keep in your car. When you arrive, you’ll be able to take care of immediate needs. These can include anything you need for work, extremely sentimental or valuable items, such as wedding rings, important documents, and personal hygiene items. If you have medications that you take, don’t forget to include these, as well as getting any refills you may need ahead of time so you aren’t held up by changing pharmacies.

Consider moving these additional items yourself:

  • Computers and computer data file backups
  • Family photographs
  • Insurance policies
  • Jewelry and furs
  • Passports
  • School records
  • Financial documents such as deeds, tax records and stock certificates
  • Checkbooks, cash and credit cards

Other items you might want within easy reach include basic cleaning supplies and tools, batteries and phone chargers, toilet paper, and paper towels.

If you’re moving with children, keep a few favorites—whether toys, books, snacks, and/or electronic devices—that they can have as soon as they get to their new home. If you have pets, have their foods, snacks, and toys in easy reach.

For the safety of customers, moving crews, and property, most professional local moving companies have some restrictions on the types of items they will handle. Here are just a few examples of hazardous and/or perishable materials that companies will not pack or move:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Cleaning solvents
  • Aerosol cans
  • Batteries, including lithium-ion
  • Gasoline or fuels
  • Propane tanks
  • Fertilizers
  • Paints, varnishes and paint thinners
  • Pool chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Ammunition
  • Perishable foods
  • Plants
  • Refrigerated foods

At Daryl Flood, your personal move coordinator can provide guidance and a full list of items not to pack.

Daryl R. Flood founded this Texas moving company in 1982 and he’s still actively involved in the company’s daily operations—with a management team with more than 150 years of combined experience. From official professionals to packers and drivers, our team is helpful and courteous with a focus on excellent service that satisfies you, our customer. That’s what makes Daryl Flood a dependable local moving choice.

We offer partial and full-service moving services, including a free in-house moving consultation and expert relocation coordination. We offer packing and unpacking, transportation, loading and unloading services—plus state-of-the-art, competitively-priced storage solutions.

Our local packers and movers are located in:

To get an estimate from our local movers, you can fill out the form on this page; contact us online; or call us at (844) 350-4284.

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Relocating can be overwhelming. You’re juggling a variety of tasks and may feel like they’re quickly piling up. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to start. We’re here to help.