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Long Distance Movers in Texas You Can Depend On

The Daryl Flood team is dedicated to your long-distance move. We have been moving families long distance for over 40 years, providing high-quality, dependable moving experience every time, personalized for every customer’s unique needs. Our team of moving experts are professionals who have been background checked and fully trained in all of the skills and services you need for moving long distance. Daryl Flood provides:

  • Total transparency into the moving process
  • Caring approach with every move
  • A customized move plan suited to your needs
  • Easy to understand pricing and quote process

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Daryl Flood Goes the Distance

Trusted to Move Texas for 40 years

Trusted to move Texans for over 40 years

Since 1982, Daryl Flood has been trusted to professionally relocate Texas families across town, the state and the world. With locations throughout our great state, we have grown into a leading local, long distance and international mover over the past four decades, with a reputation for professional, caring and well-executed moves. Let us show you why Texans have trusted in the Daryl Flood team for so many decades. Serving customers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

Supportive flexibility for Moving Needs

A caring, professional long distance moving team

Beyond just your moving crew, there will be an entire team behind the scenes supporting your move and dedicated to making it a fantastic experience. Moving is stressful enough, you need to make sure you have the best long-distance moving company at your side. Our team is here to support you throughout the process and ease the transition. We will not only deliver your goods but be flexible to any need you may have along the way. Each of our customers has a dedicated move coordinator who assists them from the time the move is booked until the last item is safely delivered.

Value you can see with each packed box

Long distance services to meet your needs

Daryl Flood’s team is trained in-house with our professional services, including packing and storage, among others. Our teams have the industry’s best supplies for all services, including packing, furniture wraps, and floor and door protection for your home. Our team is skilled at specialty moving services as well, including senior moving. Our role as a Atlas agent member means you can expect the same high level of quality service across all services and your move.

Texas Long-Distance Movers FAQ

Budgeting is difficult when moving, because very few people move long distance or cross country very often, so they don’t have a good frame of reference for cost.

There are a few factors that come into budgeting for a long-distance move:

  • The weight of the items you’re moving
  • Distance to your destination city
  • Specialty services needed (packing or storage, for example)
  • Any custom crating unique items may need

There may be some other, smaller factors, but these will be the main areas your long distance moving company will look at in order to draw up an accurate quote. If you’re looking to whittle down your quote to fit in your budget, you may want to decide if some heavier items are truly worth moving with you.

Paring down is the most important aspect of budget management, and the lowest hanging fruit. Even down to heavy cans of food – often, people will move cans of expired or inexpensive food rather than donating it before moving. These types of unnecessary items add up in weight and increase move costs quickly.

Fully vetting your long-distance moving company is incredibly important. To get started, we advise downloading our Movers Interview Guide to help you understand what items are important when speaking with potential moving companies.

Some of the top qualifications you should be looking for are:

  • How long a company has been in business
  • Insurance and industry affiliations
  • Positive online reviews from independent sources like Google or social sites
  • How the moving company hires crew members and employees
  • Understand how pricing is determined, and if the price is firm
  • How claims are handled if items are damaged

These are just some of the questions you should be asking to ensure your goods are in trusted, professional hands for your long-distance move.

Often, people think that once the moving truck is loaded up, it follows them to their new home. This is not the case with any long distance moving company. It typically takes three or four families’ worth of items to fill up a cross country moving van, and then your moving company will plot the best route for the driver to pick up and deliver each of these items.

This means that while it may take your family two or three days to drive to your destination, it could take a couple of weeks or more for your driver to get to destination, depending on the route and external factors like weather and seasonal traffic.

That is why we advise you pack and keep with you anything you will need in your first month at home. This includes any items necessary for your work, medications, important documents, valuables such as jewelry, two weeks’ worth of clothing, and any comfort items your children may need.

We advise scheduling long distance movers at least six weeks in advance of your move. If you’re moving during peak season, typically May through September of each year, you may want to reach out even earlier to ensure you can move on your desired date with your chosen moving company.

One of the best ways you can get started is by downloading our Pre-Move Checklist, and also our Movers Interview Guide.

Absolutely! Daryl Flood has professional, secure storage facilities throughout Texas, and through our Atlas Van Lines partnership, we can also assist if you prefer to store your items in your destination city. Your move coordinator can assist you to easily set up either short- or long-term storage.

Moving long-distance to Texas is an exciting time full of possibilities for your family, whether you’re moving for a specific reason or simply want a change. At the same time, a long-distance move is a large undertaking, and improper planning can make this process more difficult than it needs to be.

Step 1: The first step to preparing for your long-distance move to Texas is taking the time to declutter your home and remove items that you won’t be taking with you. This is a good rule of thumb with any move, even if you’re just moving to a house across town.

The decluttering process can be stressful, but you’ll feel much lighter and ready to take on your long-distance move once you’ve gotten rid of some things you didn’t need or even donated them to others that might need them more. And it’s a good idea to offload some things you don’t use anymore to make way for new items once you arrive.

Step 2: The next step is to pack smart. Create a checklist of everything you’ll need to pack in order of importance. If you’ve never packed fragile items before, do some research online to make sure you’re packing them properly to avoid any damage.

Since you’re moving long-distance to your new home, there will likely be a short period of time once you’ve arrived that you’ll still be waiting for your interstate movers in Texas to deliver your items. Don’t get stuck without your essentials during your long-distance move.

As you’re packing, prepare a separate set of boxes or bags to hold the items that you’ll definitely need in the first week or two at your new home. This could include some changes of clothes, bedsheets, work essentials, personal hygiene products, and similar items.

Step 3: Finally, hiring interstate movers in Texas you can trust is one of the most significant parts of planning your long-distance move to the Lone Star State. A long-distance move is a huge change that can come along with many stressors, but the safety of your items during transit shouldn’t be one of them.

That’s why our vetted, highly trained team at Daryl Flood should be your first choice when it comes to interstate moving companies in Texas.

Wondering if your upcoming move can even be considered long-distance? Moves that range less than 50 miles from point A to point B are generally considered local moves. Generally, a move is referred to as a long-distance move if there are more than 50 miles between your old home and your new one.

As you’re planning your long-distance Texas move, you’ll have to make some tough decisions about what to take and what to leave behind. Some items are commonly taken during local moves when a new home is only 50 miles away or less, such as appliances. However, these same items may not be suitable for long-distance moves.

There are also many items that you shouldn’t usually bother packing in any move. Additionally, if you’re coming to Texas from out of state, there may be some essentials from your old home that you simply won’t need in your new one.

For example, it’s good to have some warm coats for winter in Texas, but depending on the area you are moving to in the state, you may not need as many as you might have needed in a snowy climate. The same goes for snow boots or other winter items. If you do plan to use these items on a future vacation, pack them to go straight into storage.

Below are a couple steps you can take when deciding what you should leave behind during your long-distance move:

1. Take stock of everything in your garage before you move. Start by safely disposing of any chemicals — like insect repellant — that shouldn’t be taken in the moving truck. Then, take a close look at the boxes of things you have stored.

If there are items that haven’t seen the light of day in years and don’t have sentimental value, this is probably a good time to donate or dispose of them.

2. Before you take up space in your moving truck with that old washer, dryer, or refrigerator, consider the age of the appliance. It’s also important to consider whether it might make more sense to simply get a new one. Long-distance moves are a great opportunity to upgrade your appliances with brand-new models.

Ready to get started planning your long-distance move? You’ll need premier interstate movers in Texas that will make the safety of your items the highest priority.

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