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CASE STUDY: Large Household Goods & Commercial Storage Warehouse

Client Need:

The client was a large household goods and commercial moving and storage provider in Houston, Texas. Their warehouse was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey and the roof of their facility collapsed, damaging household goods, commercial products and storage space.

They were looking to relocate undamaged household goods and commercial products out of their damaged warehouse to another facility, with no lost product while maintaining inventory.

They needed a company with the ability to unvault and inspect stored goods for water damage, then reinventory and revault for storage.

They also needed this company to facilitate daily commercial project activity for a major medical provider, as well as commercial delivery services to clients without disruption.

Project Goal:

Move all assets within a tight deadline and budget from a damaged warehouse, while maintaining total inventory control, and continuing to provide household goods and commercial services throughout the move.

How We Helped:

Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics’ breadth and depth of services made us the perfect strategic partner to handle this massive relocation. By setting up a tractor-trailer shuttle service between the two Houston warehouses, we were able to move the 110 trailer loads of commercial storage and 450 household goods vaults into our warehouse within timeline and budget requirements.

Through the implementation of a leading warehouse and inventory management software, Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics was able to efficiently track all assets, resulting in complete inventory control and no lost product.

Daryl Flood Workplace Services provided daily activity and delivery services to commercial customers while product was in transition, without interruption.

Key Services:

  • Warehouse moving
  • Warehouse management system implementation
  • Inspection of goods for water damage
  • Medical device inventory and relocation
  • High-value product and art relocation
  • Unvaulting, reinventory and revaulting of household goods

Project Stats:

  • 110 trailer loads of Commercial storage
  • 450 HHG vaults
  • 6-week time frame

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