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Daryl Flood Destinations: Hong Kong

With an array of skyscrapers, Hong Kong is a vivacious eastern destination that is home to seven million people. Often described as the city where “East meets West,” Hong Kong offers a fast-paced lifestyle for locals and visitors alike. Let’s explore what makes this city such an attractive place for travelers and expats abroad.


No need for cars

Having a car in Hong Kong is unnecessary, as the city is a major proponent of public transportation. Government spending is used to maintain an interconnected network of various modes of public transit such as buses, ferries and subways.


Convenience is an understatement

Hong Kong has the highest density of 7-Eleven stores in the world, averaging approximately one every 1.4 miles. Circle K stores are also very prominent, and both stores offer American snack food. With the seemingly endless traffic of the busy streets, you’ll be happy to have this shopping convenience!


Escape the city life

While much of the city is urban and densely populated, Hong Kong offers an escape from the hustle and bustle with various outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, cycling and nature parks. From quiet beaches to mountain paths, there is no shortage of outdoor therapy here.


Embrace amusement

Take a break from your international assignment and channel your inner child by visiting one of Hong Kong’s major theme parks: Disneyland or Ocean Park. Both attractions will be a dose of American nostalgia, but with an eastern twist!


Place for a foodie

Hong Kong has a large concentration of restaurants and cafés sure to offer something for even the most sophisticated taste buds. Not sure where to start? Check out this list of the 17 Must Eat Food in Hong Kong.


Squeaky clean and (almost) germ free

Residents in Hong Kong go to great measures to ensure personal hygiene and sanitization. Hand disinfectant stations are found in virtually every building in the city, and sick residents are often seen in public wearing masks, as a courtesy to others.


Financial hub

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s leading financial centers and is home to many well-known banks. Not only does it have low taxation and free trade, but its container port makes it a global center for trade.


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