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The “Long Distance Movers Diet”: How to Eat Right When You are Moving Across the Country

Your body needs fuel, and during a long-distance move, that is doubly true. You need energy for loading and unloading, but you also need it for the long cross-country drive. This is one of the areas where too many people who are moving find themselves struggling – if you do not plan correctly, you might discover yourself stopping at nothing but fast-food joints. Eating nothing but burgers and fries for days is not going to do any good for your waistline, and you will find that you are exhausted when you get to your new location. Here are some important tips for eating during your long distance move.

Buy a Cooler

One of the most important things to have on your move is a cooler. Give up that tiny little box for something capable of holding both food and drinks. Plan to carry a larger cooler from the outset, so there is plenty of room in the vehicle. What should you stock in that cooler? Water is a good starting point. Plan to carry enough water so that everyone in the family can have at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Buy refillable bottles so you can cut down on your costs for the trip (and avoid adding plastic to landfills).

You should also pack snacks and lunch items in your cooler. Go for fruits and veggies rather than salty, sweet or fatty foods. The night before the drive, prepare at least a day’s worth of food for each person (at least breakfast, lunch and a snack or two). Pack these in individual containers to save time and effort.

Keep an Eye on the Menu

When you stop for the night, chances are good you will head to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Make smart decisions here. You will be tired and it is easy to succumb to the ease and cheapness of the ever-present burger joint. If possible, opt for a restaurant with healthier menu items. If you cannot avoid the burger joint, opt for something healthier than the standard burger, fries and soda. Many fast food chains have introduced somewhat healthier food items – make the most of them.

Pack on the Go

If you will be driving for more than a day, you will need to replenish your breakfast and lunch supplies. Find a farmer’s market or another place to buy quality fruits and vegetables. Stock up the night before and prepare meals for each person for the next day. Again, lean toward fruits and vegetables, while avoiding fatty or greasy options.

With the right preparation and an eye toward healthier food, a long distance move does not need to sap your energy or expand your waistline.